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Why You Need to See Your Dentist Regularly

According to Statista, there were more than 30 percent of adults in America who reported that they had either fair or poor oral health. About 20 percent of these adults who reported having poor dental health also reported having suffered from dental anxiety. There are a number of patients who tend to avoid going to the dentist regularly. In fact, there are studies that show that there are people who have never seen a dentist for over a decade. There are many different causes for why people avoid seeing the dentist regularly; such as, insurance reasons, financial reasons, or even dental anxiety. The problem is, the less you see the dentist, the less you are able to discover what your real dental issues are, causing your more problems in the long run. Preventative care means everything when you are trying to maintain good oral health. Many times, you can catch a problem before it even starts. Seeing the dentist regularly is critical to having an overall healthier lifestyle.

According to NIH, based on recent studies, there are about more than 5 percent of people in the United States, aged 20 to 64 who have absolutely no teeth. There are many different possible reasons for why these people have no teeth at such a young age. But, for many of these people who reported having no teeth, the main cause was due to a lack of dental care. The less you go to the dentist, the less you are able to understand the type of dental conditions you are dealing with. Many times, there are dental problems that show no signs or symptoms until the condition has worsened. It is very important that people understand the importance of seeing a dentist regularly. You not only receive the proper cleaning and exam, but you are able to receive treatments for minor issues that could later turn into something more problematic. You also have to realize that your dental health is critical to your overall physical health as well.

Having poor oral health can not only affect your oral health, but it may in fact affect your overall health. For example, those with gums that bleed, bad breath even after brushing, can indicate a serious medical problem. Many times, the bacteria in your teeth and gums can actually get into your bloodstream and cause serious medical conditions in the long run. Some of these medical conditions may include cardiovascular disease, dementia, respiratory infections, diabetes and even complications with your pregnancy, if you are pregnant. Staying healthy physically includes taking care of your oral health. The only way you can maintain oral health is by seeing a dentist on a regular basis. Start by conducting an online search for: dentist in tacoma wa. From here you should find dentists in your area that are ready and willing to help meet your needs.

Overall, getting dental care regularly can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only will it help prevent serious teeth conditions from developing, but it can help you protect your body from harmful bacteria. Many times, you are able to prevent serious dental treatments by simply receiving dental care on a regular basis. Stay healthy by seeing a dentist regularly.…

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Don’t Be Afraid to Go to The Dentist

Last week when my daughter and I were getting ready to head to the dentist, she started coming up with so many excuses why we couldn’t leave yet. Finally, I sat her down and learned that she was terrified of her dental appointment. Whenever we see a dentist, we just see a person with a mask covering the majority of their face, while holding some powerful tool from a set that can do unimaginable things. Additionally, there is the huge light and the chair, which can all be so terrifying. I tried to calm her nerves by sharing the things that dentists do to help us and make things better. Things we visit the dentist for include cleanings, extractions, and replacements.


Professionals suggest that we get our teeth cleaned twice a year. A dental cleaning helps us keep tooth decay away. It helps our mouth continue to feel fresh, and it keeps our teeth looking healthy, bright, and white. During your cleaning you can expect plaque and tartar to be removed. The dentist will be guided along with their own tiny mirror. Brushing and flossing is the only way to make this part of the process a bit easier to deal with.


Occasionally, dental issues can cause us to have to get a tooth or teeth pulled. This only happens in extreme cases, if a tooth simply can’t be saved. Sometimes when we get an extraction the tooth was either causing us pain, or the tooth was just potentially hazardous to its surroundings. If the dentist can’t perform the extraction, he will refer you to an oral surgeon. Sometimes extractions need to be done before a tooth reaches the surface of our gums. When you’re looking forward to removing troublesome teeth, things you can look forward to will start with the numbing of the area. During the local anesthesia you will not feel the pain of the tooth being removed, but you might feel quite a bit of pressure. Once the tooth has been removed, you will be prescribed a pain killer to help ease the discomfort.


When our teeth begin to fall out, or if they break, we can find ourselves getting a replacement. A replacement can consist of just replacing one or two teeth, or it can mean pulling entire rows of teeth. In those extreme cases your teeth will be replaced with dentures cape coral fl. Dentures look and function the same as your real teeth, except they can be removed when you need to clean them or need something adjusted.


Going to a dentist is not that bad. A dental visit is important, and it serves a great purpose. We have to take great care of our teeth, so we can get the maximum life out of them. Healthy gums are also important, so the best thing to do is visit the dentist, and not only receive a good service, but also learn more about caring for our oral health. Dental visits are a great time to mention any concerns you might not have mentioned when you made the appointment. We visit the dentist when we need a cleaning, need and extraction, or need a replacement.