Dental Implant Surgery And The Process

Dental implants are something people get in place of their real teeth. Dentist takes and puts a metal post in your gums so they can mount the replacement teeth too. Dental implants do not come lose like dentures can and they do not damage other teeth by mounting to the healthy teeth like bridges. Dental implants do not slip or shift around your mouth like some artificial teeth do. You have to have strong bone to be able to support the implants. You have to keep up good oral hygiene in order for the implants to work and last. This type of implants is more expensive type of dental work. there are two types that have been considered safe. Endosteal implants are placed right on the jawbone. There is another surgery once healed where they connect a post to the implant and then the tooth. Subperiosteal implants are fitted onto the jawbone. When your gums heal the frame is positioned to the jawbone and the post sticks out of the gums so the teeth can be attached.

What does the surgery consists of 

Like any surgery there are certain things that has to be done before you have the surgery. The factors and things that might affect how long it takes to get your implants are your current dental health, number of teeth, which teeth are going to be replaced, and if any teeth are going to be extracted. Pr-operation steps are to use a special anti-bacterial mouthwash, put you on antibiotics as an preventative measure. If you are not using a IV sedation, then you need a good breakfast unless using IV sedation you cannot eat after midnight. The whole process can take six to nine months depending on where you have it done at. This whole process can take six to nine months. However, you can have dental implant surgery done where it does not take as long. You can search online at most dental implant surgery castle pines co that can have teeth in one day. They place the implants and restoration at the same time. They can replace one tooth or many, it depends on what you need

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Reasons for dental surgery

There are many reasons why someone needs dental surgery and implants are something that works for many people. Some of the reasons for dental surgery is that you have bad teeth to begin with, you did not take care of them, age, or choices that you made that ruined your teeth. You can always fix your teeth with dental implant surgery and be a happier person when you have can have a great smile. It is a multiple step process unless you can find somewhere like Castle Pine Co that does a one-day thing. It would be which one are you more comfortable with and how you handle pain. The process is painful and takes time to heal while it takes time making the time to take care of the implants like they need to be once you get them.